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US-2011171065-A1: Methods and systems for dispersing decontamination products patent, US-2011177508-A1: Universal methylation profiling methods patent, US-2012164136-A1: Compositions and Methods for Treatment of Cancer by Disrupting the LH/LHR Signaling Pathway patent, US-2014274953-A1: Ex vivo human multiple myeloma cancer niche and its use as a model for personalized treatment of multiple myeloma patent, US-2010168554-A1: Evaluating Cardiac Function With Dynamic Imaging Techniques and Contrast Media patent, US-2013302319-A1: Zeaxanthin for tumor treatment patent, US-2014370268-A1: Rapidly Curable Electrically Conductive Clear Coatings patent, US-2010059825-A1: Integrated circuit and a method of making an integrated circuit to provide a gate contact over a diffusion region patent, US-2010314755-A1: Printed circuit board, semiconductor device comprising the same, and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2012294902-A1: Peptide amphiphiles and methods to electrostatically control bioactivity of the ikvav peptide epitope patent, US-2013026475-A1: Organic light-emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2010083835-A1: Support structure for a filter bag and a method of using the support structure patent, US-2014356420-A1: Micro-particle comprising a protein extract from sweet potato for extending satiety and controlling blood glucose and lipid levels patent, US-2010063556-A1: Device for the medical care of a patient in an emergency patent, US-2014244514-A1: Methods and arrangements for smartphone payments and transactions patent, US-2010244275-A1: Contact structure for an electronic circuit substrate and electronic circuit comprising said contact structure patent, US-2010250891-A1: Method and system for transformation of logical data objects for storage patent, US-2011057314-A1: Conductors for photovoltaic cells patent, US-2012044595-A1: Perpendicular magnetic recording medium (pmrm) and magnetic storage systems using the same patent, US-2010179072-A1: Method and kit for dynamic gene expression monitoring patent, US-2013191328-A1: Standardized framework for reporting archived legacy system data patent, US-2011076648-A1: Simulation system patent, US-2011052602-A1: Diagnosis and Treatment of Age Related Macular Degeneration patent, US-2010084643-A1: Thin film transistor, method for manufacturing thin film transistor, and electronic apparatus patent, US-2011150992-A1: Quinine formulations, method of making, and method of use thereof patent, US-2015010252-A1: Package having recloseable pour spout patent, US-2011168781-A1: Hybrid card patent, US-2012152644-A1: Compliant, balanced belt or chain drive patent, US-2010302803-A1: Illumination devices and methods of fabrication thereof patent, US-2011129469-A1: Methods for treating fatty liver disease patent, US-2012183276-A1: Method and Apparatus for Transmission of Data or Flags Indicative of Actual Program Recording Times or Durations patent, US-2012196326-A1: Mammalian Cell Lines for Increasing Longevity and Protein Yield from a Cell Culture patent, US-2012289680-A1: Chromatography ligand comprising domain c from staphylococcus aureus protein a for antibody isolation patent, US-2013022624-A1: Anti-epidermal growth factor receptor antibodies and uses thereof patent, US-2013172848-A1: Immunologically modified carbon nanotubes for cancer treatment patent, US-2014286019-A1: Lens and light source unit patent, US-2010196928-A1: Gene specific to cancer and diagnosis kit using the same patent, US-2011124554-A1: Fibrosuppressant Biotherapeutics patent, US-2012141591-A1: Drug Delivery Nanocarriers Targeted by Landscape Phage patent, US-2012240269-A1: Pea line dlsc7v0955 patent, US-2013129672-A1: Mutants of interleukin- 1 receptor antagonist and uses thereof patent, US-2014367274-A1: Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 with Co-Oxidation of an Alcohol patent, US-2012022223-A1: Polyolefin gas phase polymerization with 3-substituted c4-10-alkene patent, US-2014234217-A1: Remote assembly of targeted nanoparticles using complementary oligonucleotide linkers patent, US-2011028376-A1: Process for protecting the colors of colored textile articles or for providing crease resistance to textile articles patent, US-2011223084-A1: Sulfur functionalized ionic liquid compounds for carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide removal patent, US-2012115709-A1: High Temperature Catalysts for Decomposition of Liquid Monopropellants and Methods for Producing the Same patent, US-2013118402-A1: Masking article for producing precise paint lines and method of improving paint line performance of masking articles patent, US-2013202883-A1: Laminated structure for displaying information patent, US-2014315220-A1: Cellular recognition conjugates and methods of use for the histological analysis of cancer tissue using maldi-ms imaging patent, US-2015072022-A1: FRACTIONAL C-REACTIVE PROTEIN (fracCRP) ANTIBODIES AND ASSAYS patent, US-2011015375-A1: Methods for Identifying and Using MarR Family Polypeptide Binding Compounds patent, US-2013063550-A1: Human environment life logging assistant virtual esemplastic network system and method patent, US-2014275686-A1: Selective alkane activation with single-site atoms on amorphous support patent, US-2010072555-A1: Wafer bonding method and wafer stack formed thereby patent, US-2012042927-A1: Photovoltaic device front contact patent, US-2010190397-A1: Fluorocarbon polymer-free preparations based on water and/or organic solvents and the use thereof as a finish on flat materials patent, US-2012064567-A1: Active micro sieve and methods for biological applications patent, US-2011191335-A1: Method and system for conducting legal research using clustering analytics patent, US-2011117072-A1: Hyperactive variants of the transposase protein of the transposon system sleeping beauty patent, US-2010101637-A1: Dispersion of metal nanoparticles, method for producing the same, and method for synthesizing metal nanoparticles patent, US-2010236630-A1: CHEMICAL VAPOR DEPOSITION OF CuInxGa1-x(SeyS1-y)2 THIN FILMS AND USES THEREOF patent, US-2010078160-A1: Free-cooling including modular coolant distribution unit patent, US-2011000781-A1: Optical release of hydrogen from functionalized fullerenes as storage materials patent, US-2010203130-A1: Pharmaceutical compositions resistant to abuse patent, US-2010303738-A1: Non-contact printed comestible products and apparatus and method for producing same patent, US-2012108611-A1: 5, 6-bisaryl-2-pyridine-carboxamide derivatives, preparation and application thereof in therapeutics as urotensin ii receptor antagonists patent, US-2013018036-A1: Substituted indazole derivatives active as kinase inhibitors patent, US-2014072568-A1: Monoclonal antibodies for enhancing or inhibiting insulin-like growth factor 1 (igf-1) patent, GB-465727-A: Improvements in electric condensers patent, US-2014294765-A1: Lsr antibodies, and uses thereof for treatment of cancer patent, US-2014336107-A1: Glp-1 receptor agonist peptide gastrin conjugates patent, US-2012198579-A1: Cotton variety 09r903b2r2 patent, US-2013245238-A1: Fibronectin Binding Domains with Reduced Immunogenicity patent, US-2014248674-A1: Polypeptides Having Peroxygenase Activity and Polynucleotides Encoding Same patent, US-2014275524-A1: Molecules having certain pesticidal utilities, and intermediates, compositions, and processes related thereto patent, US-2011094626-A1: Wooden sports articles and a method of manufacture patent, US-2012328735-A1: Process for preparing casein-derived peptides by fermentation of lactic acid bacteria patent, US-2013059757-A1: Novel Gene Targets Associated with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Methods of Use Thereof patent, US-2011104301-A1: Methods of reducing pain and inflammation patent, US-2012276156-A1: Tolerogenic synthetic nanocarrier compositions with transplantable graft antigens and methods of use patent, US-2013317070-A1: Compositions and methods for treating tuberculosis patent, US-2010084631-A1: Phase-controlled field effect transistor device and method for manufacturing thereof patent, US-2010264403-A1: Nanorod thin-film transitors patent, US-2014363498-A1: Hydrogel polymeric compositions and methods patent, US-2012040025-A9: Compositions and Methods for Treating Disorders Associated with Salt or Fluid Retention patent, US-2010221180-A1: In vivo imaging of myelination patent, US-2015057461-A1: Method for producing medium-chain omega-hydroxy fatty acids, alpha,omega-dicarboxylic acids, and omega-amino fatty acids from long-chain fatty acids by biotransformation patent, US-2011198542-A1: Conductive carbon nanotube-metal composite ink patent, US-2011031103-A1: Method and Apparatus For Removal Of Oil From Utility Gas Stream patent, US-B432049-I5: patent, US-B433707-I5: patent, US-B516558-I5: patent, US-D765367-S: patent, US-D765680-S: patent, US-T804431-I4: patent, WO-2006023643-A8: patent, WO-2013160227-A1: Lichtechte polyurethanzusammensetzungen patent, WO-2004106634-B1: Lagerung und befestigung für einen schienenabschnitt sowie montage einer weiche oder ähnliches patent, WO-2009010186-A8: Dichtungsanordnung für exzenterwellen patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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