Improvements in electric condensers


465,727. Electrolytic condensers. DUBILIER CONDENSER CO. (1935), Ltd. Nov. 8, 1935, No. 30992. Convention date, Nov. 8, 1934. [Class 37] An electrolytic condenser has embodied in the spacer or in the electrolyte or both a material contained in the dielectric coating, e.g. aluminium hydroxide if the positive electrode consists of aluminium. If the spacer is made of paper, the aluminium hydroxide may be incorporated in the pulp from which the paper is made. In the condenser shown, positive and negative coils 11, 12 are wound up with paper strips 13, 14, the positive coil 11 being perforated to increase its effective surface area, as described in Specification 442,880. The connecting wires 18 are eyeleted to tabs 19 on the foils, the bare portions of the wires being covered by wrapping a piece of aluminium 20, or other film forming material around them. The completed condenser may be enclosed in a wrapper 21 of moisture-proof material such as the material sold under the Registered Trade Mark " Cellophane." The electrolyte used for impregnating the spacers may be made by boiling a polyhydroxyl alcohol, e.g. ethylene glycol or glycerine, with citric acid or a citrate. The Specification as open to inspection under Sect. 91 describes also condensers in which part of the chemically active constituents of the electrolyte are embodied in the spacers before assembly of the condenser. This subjectmatter does not appear in the Specification as accepted.




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